Robert Madu — Get Out


What if the power in a miracle was in more than just the miracle itself, but also in the atmosphere? How many times have we called for a dead situation in our lives to get up? We may not consider it’s actually the people or things around us that have to be removed before our circumstance can be reversed.

In a sermon titled “Get Out,” Pastor Robert Madu breaks down the story of Jairus and the woman with the issue of blood, two seemingly different situations on the surface, but at the core they were connected. Ultimately, they had the same mission – to seek intervention from Jesus. Both desperate, they stopped at nothing to get His attention and help. Tied with their faith, Jesus was able to work miracles for them both.

Sometimes we may not receive what we asked for because we don’t believe all that God is able to do, and as a result, our faith suffers. But if we attach our faith to God’s power and authority, we can trust that He will come through.

While on the path to receiving a miracle sometimes it may be necessary to witness breakthrough happen in the lives of others – not to discourage us, but to give us hope. It’s our awareness of God’s authority that will determine how much we receive from him. In your desperation, assess your environment, tell any hindrance to get out and anchor your faith to the one who has power and authority to get you out of your circumstance.