Rich Wilkerson Jr. — 7 Rules for Self Discovery: Waste or Create


Self-discovery is really soul discovery. Self-searching leads to self-awareness. The truth is, God wants to have a relationship with our true self. Not just our projected self. On the journey to self-discovery, it only makes sense that we’re led to evaluate our interests. How do we identify those interests? Examine what we spend our time on. With hours set aside each week for sleep and work, it’s our free time, or what we do with it, that determines who we are.

In “Waste or Create” the second part in the “Seven Rules to Self-Discovery” collection, Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. reveals that while free time is free, it doesn’t make it cheap. We’re encouraged to infuse our leisure time with value.

Three filters that can help guide our use of free time are rest, improvement, and passion. When we pause to recharge it shows we trust God is in control. Bettering ourselves is not one- dimensional but accounts for physical, mental and relational health. And when we put energy toward the thing we’d do even if we didn’t get paid for it, that’s where we find passion.

We must learn to leverage our time because as life progresses, our time decreases. Maximizing our spare time and creating value around it, will prevent us from wasting it and help us to leave a legacy.