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Acts | Today on Radical with David Platt, David asks, Is being in God’s will the safest place to be?  Or is following Christ a call to proclaim the gospel a risk we should be willing to take?   Around the world Christians risk their lives for the sake of the gospel.  What would motivate someone to make this kind of action?  Is it worth it? Today, David will be presenting a profile of a church with a global perspective by looking at the characteristics of the believers in the first century city of Antioch.  Today on Radical with David Platt, our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will empower us to take these lessons to heart and live them in our community of faith.

Radical with David Platt, a half-hour national teaching program, airs daily on Moody Radio. Bestselling author, sought-after conference speaker, and pastor, David Platt brings to each program solid, passionate Bible teaching aimed at equipping and mobilizing Christians to make disciples among the nations so that the Lord receives the glory due His name.
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