How Do I Survive This Midlife Crisis? // Ask Pastor John


God keeps his children through midlife crises by empowering them to keep fighting to be kept.

Well, about a year ago we recorded an episode titled “My Midlife Crisis — and Counsel for Yours,” episode 1173 in the archive. It was a very personal, autobiographical account of a season of your life, Pastor John. It has now been listened to about 200,000 times. It has generated a load of grateful emails in the inbox. And since, we’ve gotten a lot of emails from guys going through this season of life who, well, just want you to talk more about it. Here’s one, from a listener named Leo.

“Hello, Pastor John! Thank you for your APJ episode on your own midlife crisis. That’s where I’m at now, and you have helped me to see that I am not alone. Thank you! I was wondering if it was a combination of mission, life, stress, and genetics that caused you to feel at times like crying and having a deep sense of depression. It seems complex. I recently reached 43 years old and noticed some changes in my mood and extreme depression at times. Can you share more about your own experience?”

Episode 1365:

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