Do Human Technologies Ever Threaten Divine Sovereignty? // Ask Pastor John


At any moment, in any way, for whatever reason, God can put a complete stop to the plans of man. Human technologies never threaten divine sovereignty.

Do human technologies threaten God’s sovereign reign over humanity? This timely question is raised by Genesis. And the question fittingly arrives from a podcast listener named Noah! Noah writes, “Hello, Pastor John! In Genesis 11:1–9, we’re told that God confused man’s common language into a bunch of different languages in order to thwart human progress. It sounds like God, who is infinite, was threatened by the unity of finite creatures. But how could God ever be threatened by anything man could do, even the whole of humanity unified in any endeavor? Is he threatened by our far superior technological advances today? This has never made sense to me. Can you explain it?”

Episode 1354:

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