Praise Is The Highway (Music Video) – Sean Feucht | Live from Iraq


Inside the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq, Bethel Music and Sean Feucht gathered to make a declaration from this ancient site. Directly above where Nahum the prophet was buried and outside the city of Nineveh (Mosul), Sean ascends the ancient highway of praise, bridging past, present and future access to the heart of God.

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Verse 1
The rocks will cry out
The oceans will roar
The mountains will bow
To the name of the Lord
He is our God
He will be praised

Verse 2
The idols will fall
The strongholds will break
Every weapon that forms
Will shatter and fail
He is our God
He is our faith

Praise is the highway to the throne of God
Praise is the highway to the heart of God
Praise is the highway to the move of God

Verse 3
Revival will come
The church will awake
His anthem will drown
All other refrains
He is our song
He forever reigns

Lift up your head
Fling wide the gates
Break down the walls
With a shout of praise
Lift up your voice
Pull heaven down
Oh sing like thunder
Make His praises loud

Written by Brian Johnson / Sean Feucht / Ben Fielding / Chris Tomlin

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