Can an Elect Person Die Without Hearing the Gospel? // Ask Pastor John


Letting the truth of election deter evangelism isn’t only illogical, but unbiblical. Pastor John shows how election moves us to action, not inaction.

Can an elect person die without ever having heard the gospel? Or is this impossible? It’s a question from a listener named Christie. “Hello, Pastor John! Can someone who is elect die without ever hearing the gospel and believing? I suspect not. I understand that people are born elect but they are not born saved, so the hearing will happen — it must happen. And our sharing of the faith is essential because God uses human means to bring people to himself.

“However, if people die without getting the chance to hear and respond to the gospel, I suspect they were never elect. Is that right? I am a seminary student and will be going overseas as a missionary upon graduation. I feel the missionary urgency, and yet I cannot shake this question. If the people who don’t hear were not elected, what is the urgency of sharing the faith? Do you see how that logic would deter the missionary impulse?”

Episode 1344:

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