5 Biblical Financial Principles Every Christian Should Know!


A great source for financial advice is the Bible. I want to share with you 5 Biblical Financial Principles that I’ve learned, that I think every Christian should know! ✅ FREE PDF download for you here: seedtime.com/verses

Essentially, these are 5 Bible Verses about money that should be impacting the way we handle our money decisions each day.

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These are 5 financial principles that have had a deep impact on my life! This video is to educate and get us all familiar with what God’s word says about money. The goal is for us to get more inline with what God has intended for us, as we are all works in progress and are growing in our faith!

1️⃣► 1 TIMOTHY 6 : 10 – (01:12)

One of the most misquoted financial bible verses! Money is a tool for us, it isn’t evil. As the verse states, it’s the love of money that is evil. Please know, that the love of money has nothing to do with how much money is your bank account! So no matter how much money you may have, or not have, this verse is universal. Search your heart by asking yourself these questions:

►Does my pursuit of money interfere with obeying God?

►Do I always look for something that will benefit me financially, regardless of how it affects others?

►Am I more concerned with what my cost will be instead of allowing myself to be moved by compassion?

2️⃣► MALACHI 3 : 10 – (03:04)

No matter your viewpoint on tithing, know that we just cannot go wrong by giving. Tithing allows us to step out in faith with God and watch Him do something really special! I encourage you to always grow in your giving efforts.

Additional scripture regarding the benefits of giving:
►Galatians 3 : 13
►Luke 6 : 38
►Proverbs 11 : 25

The coolest part about giving? We just cannot out give God, the ultimate giver!

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3️⃣► ACTS 20 : 35 – (04:25)

Our giving changes us and it changes the world! Here are a few ways how:

►Provides resources for Kingdom growth.

►We bring light and joy to the world by our generosity.

►Our giving helps us fulfill the two greatest commandments.

Remember, Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” If you think seriously about what that means, we should be excited when we are giving! Giving should be fun, chasing after and wanting to do more of!

4️⃣► PROVERBS 22 : 7 – (06:09)

When we were slaves to sin, Jesus came to set us free. I don’t think God wants us to be in bondage when it comes to debt. If you have debt due to mistakes or circumstances beyond your control, I believe God wants to see His children living debt free lives! The thought of being debt free is really fun and exciting, isn’t it?? But know there is a deeper purpose. God wants us to be good stewards of what he has given to us. As stewards, we are required to use the money God has given us wisely and to make the most of it!

Parable of the Talents: Matthew 25 : 14–30

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5️⃣► PHILIPPIANS 4 : 19 – (7:48)

Putting our trust in anything other than God is silly. The economy, our job, our bank accounts… these are places we should not be placing our trust and they are shaky grounds that will only let us down at some point! On the other hand… God is ALWAYS faithful, He will ALWAYS be there and He will always provide for us!


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