About Mike and Toni Johnson

This is Mike and Toni’s oldest son, Mike Johnson the second (“MJ”) writing this. I will be the pro bono tech geek behind CPN. My parents are amazing Christians with so much ministry experience in their life. CPN will allow them to continue their passion of spreading God’s word. Below is a bit more about them.

Mike and Toni Johnson have been following God’s path for their lives since the early 80’s. Toni was Saved first and Mike was not long after.

At the time they were living in the Washington DC area. Mike was working for the US Government and Toni was a successful financial planner with Merrill Lynch. God, however, had other plans. He told them to quit their high paying jobs, sell their house, and move to Florida to join Teen Missions as missionaries… and THEY DID IT.

In 1986 they moved with their 2 sons (Mike and Nick) to Florida and joined Teen Missions traveling all over the world with large groups of teenagers spreading God’s word and building amazing structures and relationships along the way.

In 1996, they were called back to the DC area where they became administrators at a school in Northern Calvert County, MD. Eventually, they moved deeper into Calvert and opened a Christian School based on the School Of Tomorrow curriculum and were able to teach and mentor hundreds of students. Oh, and did I mention that now they had SEVEN SONS! Eventually, the school was forced to close for economic reasons, but Mike and Toni continue to have a passion for Christ and ministering to people.

Christian Podcast Network is that outlet. Please feel free to reach out to them and learn how you can get involved in CPN.

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